Flood Insurance for Commercial Property

flood insurance for commercial property

Commercial Flood Insurance in Michigan

Flood insurance for commercial property protects your business from flood damage. This includes your physical locations, as well as what’s inside your business that may get damaged.

Over 20% of flood insurance claims are made from businesses outside high-risk flood zones. Therefore, you should consider Commercial Flood Insurance to protect your business, since most Commercial Property Insurance policies don’t cover flood damage.

The Importance of Flood Insurance For Your Business

On Aug. 11th, 2014, a once-in-every-500 years rainfall occurred in Southeast Michigan. More than six inches of rain fell down in Metro Detroit, causing widespread flooding and then Gov. Rick Snyder to declare a state of emergency.

Officials in the city of Warren, one of the communities hit hardest by the flooding, estimated $231 million in total property damage to 22,782 affected homes and buildings.

Since repair costs can be covered by Commercial Flood Insurance, it’s imperative to purchase this policy as a business owner—even if your business is outside a high-risk flood zone.

What Does Commercial Flood Insurance Cover?

If your business property is damaged from floodwater, the repair costs can be covered by Commercial Flood Insurance.


Systems for electrical, plumbing, and heating are covered under Commercial Flood Insurance. Additionally, solar panels or equipment, foundation walls, detached garages, and even bookcases permanently attached to your building can all be covered under Commercial Flood Insurance.


Damaged contents that can be covered by Commercial Flood Insurance include: clothing, furniture, curtains, portable A/C units, rugs and floor mats, currency, precious metals, and other valuables.

How is Commercial Flood Insurance Different from Commercial Property Insurance?

Unlike Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Flood Insurance doesn’t cover:

Stay Dry With Commercial Flood Insurance from Insurance Network Agency

You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for your business’ survival in the event of inclement weather. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact us today to get a quote and protect your business in the event of a flood!

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