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What is Business Income Insurance?

As a small business owner, business income insurance can be your lifeline. This type of insurance can cover lost income when you need to close your business suddenly due to an extraordinary event. 

Also known as business interruption coverage or extra expense coverage, this coverage applies an extra layer of protection beyond commercial general liability insurance.

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What Will Business Income Insurance Cover?

Business income insurance can cover a loss of income suffered by a business when there’s a slowdown or suspension of business operations from a covered cause of loss. This typically happens when your business has damages from fire, weather, or other covered perils. 

Sometimes, business revenue may decline or even come to a complete halt if the damage prevents the business from fully operating. 

Fortunately, business income insurance can provide protection against the financial losses sustained while your business is unable to operate. Thus, allowing you to focus on getting your business back on the ground without worrying about the cost.

How is Business Income Insurance Different from Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, business income insurance and commercial property insurance are different. Commercial property coverage protects the cost of damage from fire, windstorms, vandalism and other similar events.

However, business income insurance covers the income loss that happens from the pause of operations from these events. 

Why Does Your Business Need Income Insurance?

Unfortunately, damage from weather, fire, vandalism, or other events are common when you own a brick and mortar business. In these instances, you might need to temporarily pause business operations and brace yourself for a financial hit.

Business income insurance provides protection against financial losses, such as the lost profits.

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