Professional Liability Insurance in Michigan

professional liability insurance michigan

Professional Liability Insurance in Michigan

Professional liability insurance is another insurance coverage that helps protect you and your business. 

We’re all human and we make mistakes from time-to-time. However, if you make a mistake in the professional services given to a client or customer that causes them financial loss, they can sue you on grounds of errors and omissions.

This reason alone explains why it’s important to have professional liability insurance for your Michigan business. 

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What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

Professional liability policies can help cover claims of:

  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inaccurate advice
  • Personal injury, like libel or slander

Your client or customers can still sue your business if they believe you made a mistake, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. For example, professional liability insurance can help if:

  • Your accounting firm makes a clerical error, resulting in your client losing thousands of dollars.
  • A client sues your catering company for errors in services promised after failing to deliver food on time for their wedding

Without this type of coverage, you’ll have to pay expensive legal defense fees out of pocket. 

What Doesn’t Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

It’s important to know while extremely beneficial, professional liability insurance won’t cover every claim. This type of coverage doesn’t cover:

Work-related injuries/illnesses

Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses

If an employee is injured or falls ill from their job, you need workers’ compensation insurance to help rehabilitate them to return to work.

professional liability insurance michigan Bodily injury or property damage

Bodily Injury or Property Damage

To help cover claims of bodily injury or property damage, you’ll want to get a solid commercial general liability insurance policy.

Data breach

Data Breach

If your business loses personally identifiable information (PII) in a data breach, cyber liability insurance can help you respond.

Professional Liability vs. Commercial General Liability: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between commercial general liability and professional liability is in the types of risks they cover. 

While commercial general liability insurance covers physical risks, such as bodily injuries and property damage, professional liability covers more abstract risks.

These risks include errors and omissions in the services your business provides, and financial damages.

Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance

While the state of Michigan doesn’t require businesses to have professional liability insurance, it’s highly recommended that you have it. You’ll especially want to get professional liability insurance if you:

  • Have to sign a contract that requires you to carry coverage
  • Offer professional services directly to customers
  • Regularly give advice to clients

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