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Commercial General Liability Insurance: What Is It?

The broadest and most common type of business insurance is called commercial general liability insurance.

This type of business insurance covers general business risks, such as property damage or a personal injury caused by your employees, your operations, or your services. 

There are many different aspects and considerations of general liability insurance to ensure that your business is covered for damages, medical or legal expenses, and more.

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What Does Business Liability Insurance in Michigan Cover?

Commercial general liability insurance covers many scenarios, such as:

recreational vehicle insurance

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

This coverage applies to non-employee injuries, whether it’s a customer slipping and falling on your property, or an employee dropping a heavy object on someone’s foot.

Business liability insurance Michigan Products and Completed Operations

Products and Completed Operations

If your business sells products, this coverage helps if your product causes illness or a physical injury. If you’re a contractor, this coverage covers your completed operations.

Business liability insurance Michigan Personal and Advertising Injury

Personal and Advertising Injury

Business liability insurance in Michigan covers non-physical injuries as well. This coverage helps in the case of slander, libel, copyright infringement, and more.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments

This type of coverage is a "Good-Will" element.  It provides cash payments for non-employee related medical expenses that you may be responsible for.

Damage to Property Rented to YouMichigan

Damage to Property Rented to You

This coverage assists in covering any damages to land, buildings, or structures that your business rents.

What Doesn’t General Liability Insurance Cover?

Business liability insurance does have its limits. In general, it doesn’t cover:

1. Owned Commercial Property
This is covered under a property policy.

2. Employee Injuries
This is only available under workers’ compensation insurance.

3. Professional Mistakes
You should consider professional liability insurance for this.

4. Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles are protected under a commercial auto policy.

Interested in learning more about business liability insurance in Michigan? Contact our team today.

Benefits of Commercial General Liability Coverage

While the state of Michigan doesn’t require businesses to have business liability insurance, it’s highly recommended that you have it.

By having this type of insurance, your business benefits in a variety of ways, as it:

  • demonstrates responsibility to your customers/clients,
  • showcases your legitimacy, and
  • solidifies your client contracts/retainers.

Upon obtaining commercial general liability insurance, you’ll receive a certificate of insurance. This is a document that lists the liability coverage(s) and limits on your insurance policy. 

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