4 Steps To Lessen The Impact After a Car Crash

Being in a car crash is tremendously frightening, especially when it’s your first time; however, knowing the steps to take, after a loss, can lower the fear and stress after the impact.

From collision to claim, here are the steps to take after a crash:

Check for injuries

After a crash, check yourself and other passengers for any injuries. In a multi-vehicle collision, if possible, check the occupants of the other vehicle(s) as well. If anyone is hurt, call 911 to get help. Make sure of your surroundings and do your best to keep safe until help arrives.

Call the police/tow truck company

If not automatically dispatched by 911, call the police to report it, even if the vehicles involved aren’t damaged. Calling the police is important in case there’s an emergency or someone needs medical attention. If your vehicle sustained damage that makes it inoperable, call a tow company to bring your vehicle to a repair facility. In addition, sometimes tow truck companies require a police officer to be present at the scene while your vehicle gets towed.

Exchange information with those involved in the crash/document the crash scene

Collect the names and phone numbers of those involved in the crash. Then, collect driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, vehicle information, and insurance policy numbers. This information will be important when you report the loss to your insurance company. Do not share any other personal information, or coverage options, and avoid discussions about road responsibility.

It’s also important to take records of the crash scene, your car’s damages, and any medical injuries for the insurance company and the claim.

Contact your insurance agency/make an insurance claim

No matter who was at fault, contact your insurance agency as soon as possible to report the incident. These professionals can help you navigate contacting your carrier, providing referrals to qualified repair shops, and determining if remedies from the other party involved are available.

Different types of claims involve different types of insurance coverage: Collision coverage, liability coverage, personal injury protection, towing coverage a rental car reimbursement. Your insurance agency will guide you to the best options available.

If you’re looking into getting coverage or wanting to add or change coverage, remember, Insurance Network Agency can offer you options and guidance.

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