Does a Home and Car Insurance Bundle Actually Save You Money?

Bunding car and home insurance

Bundling insurance simply means you’re purchasing more than one policy from one insurance company…us. And usually that means saving money! But how? Bundling your home and auto insurance can come with benefits that can include: Increased savings. A multipolicy typically will be at a discounted rate when purchased together from the same provider. Sometimes up to 25% … Read more

How We Choose Insurance Carriers To Work With

a rated insurance carriers

At Insurance Network Agency, we only work with A-rated insurance carriers. This is in our constant effort to provide the best and most affordable coverage for you, your family, and/or your business.  We’re selective in our options, and choose our carriers based on these four factors—a strong reputation, unwavering trust, variety of coverage options, and … Read more

The Top 5 Traits Every Insurance Agent Should Have

What to Look For In An Insurance Agent

Before purchasing any insurance policy, it’s important to know what to look for in an insurance agent.  Like any profession, not everyone who holds the title of an insurance agent is truly cut-out for it. That’s why you should evaluate who exactly you give your business to based on the 5 qualities below.  1. Love … Read more

Insurance Terms 101: Basic Auto Insurance Terminology You Need to Know

Insurance Terms 101: Basic Auto Insurance Terminology You Need to Know

It’s vital for you to understand basic auto insurance terms, especially in Michigan where almost everyone has a car. Below, we outlined the most commonly used car insurance terminology and definitions to help you understand your policy even more. Basic Auto Insurance Terms First, we’ll start with some of the most common auto insurance terms … Read more

Insurance Terms 101: Basic Insurance Terminology You Need to Know

basic insurance terminology

Basic insurance terminology is key to getting the right policy at the right price. When purchasing a policy for the first time, if you don’t understand the words outlined in your quote, you’ll want to throw your hands up in the air and say, “forget it!”  To help you best understand your policy, we’ve created … Read more

New Car, Right Coverage? How to Pick the Right Insurance Policy

Insurance for New Cars

Insurance for new cars can be expensive, along with that monthly car payment, gas, and car repairs/maintenance.  You’re not alone in this; car buyers often overlook (or don’t think) about the insurance costs for their new cars. However, it’s not too late to switch insurance policies, or even providers.  Below, we detail what car insurance … Read more

Auto No-Fault Insurance Changes: What You Need To Know

No Fault Car Insurance Michigan: What's Changed | Contact Us Today

You’ve likely heard about the major changes to no fault car insurance in Michigan in July 2020. Even though that seems like a long time ago, the impact of these changes continue to change the lives of Michigan residents. Confused about the changes? Want to find the best auto insurance coverage at the best price? … Read more

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