Is my current insurance enough to keep me covered?

For the most part, yes.
Unfortunately, there are messy situations where your standard insurance might not be enough. You may find yourself owing thousands of dollars… even after insurance. How can you prevent this?
Having standard insurance keeps you protected and covered, but, in some situations, it may not be enough. Purchasing umbrella insurance compliments your existing insurance policies as a way to add extra protection. Umbrella insurance will insure you above your standard insurance policy limits, helping alleviate those costs your standard insurance couldn’t cover.
One situation your umbrella insurance would come into play would be if you were at fault in a crash. You suddenly owe thousands of dollars, but your standard insurance policies only cover a portion of those costs. Your umbrella insurance would be able to cover the remaining costs, depending on the policy you have.
Other situations may look like someone tripping in your home and suing for medical bills, or someone tripping on the stairs in your rental property and suing for damages.
Umbrella insurance can cover bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and landlord liability insurance. It will also typically cover associated legal fees.
It might be good to consider purchasing umbrella insurance if you are, among others, a property owner, own things that can lead to injury, have an inexperienced driver at home, coach kids’ sports, post reviews of products/businesses, or are involved in sports where you could easily injure others.
Your current insurance covers you, but a simple incident could exceed your standard policy’s limit, leaving you with thousands of dollars left over to pay. Having umbrella insurance helps take care of these needs.
If you think umbrella insurance is a good choice for you or your business, talk with an Insurance Network Agency team member to find the right coverage for you.
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