Tips On Storing Your Boat For The Winter

Well, unfortunately it is that time of year, again. The leaves are turning to beautiful reds and golden orange, and the water is getting well below the desired swimming temperature. Unfortunately, now it is time to winterize your boat.
  1. Take that baby out for one more run. Pay attention to any issues that may need repair or replacement over the winter, especially with regards to the engine.
  2. Clean your boat. Thoroughly scrub the entirety of the boat with soap and water, from the hull to the interior. Remove any plant life and barnacles that have attached to the hull. Finishing with wax will help prevent rust on your boat’s body.
  3. Drain your boat and winterize the engine. Remove the boat from the water and drain the bilge, water tanks, head, and pipes. Add antifreeze into the bilge and water tanks to prevent freezing. Flush the engine (including the coolant system) with freshwater to remove salt, dirt and corrosion. Refill the coolant system with antifreeze.
  4. Lubricate moving parts. Grease the steering system and control mechanisms. Detach the propeller, inspect for fishing line and seal damage, lubricate, and return to its position.
  5. Remove and charge the battery. Take out the battery and completely charge it. Store the battery in a warm, dry place until spring.
  6. Seal exhaust ports. If your boat employs exhaust ports, seal them with duct tape to prevent pests from entering and clogging these components.
  7. Cover and store your boat. Protect your boat with a cover that can withstand even the most brutal weather episodes.
  8. Change the boat oil: Water that has gotten into the oil can corrode the engine. By changing the boat oil before storing you can avoid any long-term damage while stored.
  9. Fill that tank: This may seem counterintuitive, but condensation can build up in an empty tank causing corrosion and even worse damage if it freezes. Add some gas and fuel stabilizer to make sure your tank is good to go during winter boat storage.
  10. Make sure your boat insurance is up to date. If you are not sure or it’s been awhile since you’ve had it updated, give one of our specialists a call to have your policy reviewed.
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