Annual Business Insurance Review For Your Seasonal Business

Seasonal Business Insurance review

If you are a seasonal business owner, it’s important to keep track of your insurance. Every year, you need to get an “insurance” check-up. It’s kind of like going to a doctor for your annual wellness checkup. Those checkups are to make sure that everything’s good and that you’re healthy. The same thing applies to … Read more

Off-Season Tips to Maintain Your Seasonal Business

Off season blog post

If you run a business driven by sunny summer days and a steady flow of out-of-town visitors, you’ve become accustomed to the annual off-season slowdown. Navigating the highs and lows of a seasonal business can be tricky, but the most successful companies know that making the most of the fall and winter months is key. … Read more

How We Choose Insurance Carriers To Work With

a rated insurance carriers

At Insurance Network Agency, we only work with A-rated insurance carriers. This is in our constant effort to provide the best and most affordable coverage for you, your family, and/or your business.  We’re selective in our options, and choose our carriers based on these four factors—a strong reputation, unwavering trust, variety of coverage options, and … Read more

Insurance Terms 101: Basic Commercial Auto Insurance Terminology You Need to Know

commercial auto insurance terms

You need to understand commercial auto insurance terms as a business owner that uses vehicles for your business operations. While there are similarities between commercial auto insurance and personal auto insurance, this type of insurance covers vehicles used by a business. Need help understanding your commercial auto insurance policy? Contact our team today. Basic Commercial … Read more

Insurance Terms 101: Basic Business Liability Insurance Terminology You Need to Know

business liability insurance terms

Business liability insurance terms, like the business policy itself, are hard at first to understand. No matter if you have a small business or a corporation, having business liability insurance protects your business, your employees, and any visitors such as vendors or mail delivery employees. Need help understanding your business liability insurance policy? Contact our … Read more

The Top 5 Traits Every Insurance Agent Should Have

What to Look For In An Insurance Agent

Before purchasing any insurance policy, it’s important to know what to look for in an insurance agent.  Like any profession, not everyone who holds the title of an insurance agent is truly cut-out for it. That’s why you should evaluate who exactly you give your business to based on the 5 qualities below.  1. Love … Read more

Insurance Terms 101: Basic Insurance Terminology You Need to Know

basic insurance terminology

Basic insurance terminology is key to getting the right policy at the right price. When purchasing a policy for the first time, if you don’t understand the words outlined in your quote, you’ll want to throw your hands up in the air and say, “forget it!”  To help you best understand your policy, we’ve created … Read more

You Need to Get Group Health Insurance For Your Business: Here’s Why

Get Group Health Insurance For Business

Getting group health insurance for your business provides a benefit for your employees, keep them healthy, and still save money on their total insurance costs.  As we steadily approach a post-COVID world, job seekers are seriously considering employee health insurance as a deciding factor in accepting job offers. Having a solid group health insurance plan … Read more

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